mission Overview


We work with the ministry, Love and Grace 4 Haiti who started their ministry 20 years ago. They have created six schools in the poorest parts of Ouanaminthe. Their goal is to give the children literacy, health, dignity and the knowledge that they are unconditionally loved.

B the Hope for Haiti's past missions have included building safe washrooms to protect against disease, installing a water purification system and generator to power the school, teaching sexual morality and aids education, running a medicine clinic to treat hundreds without access to help. We implement new teaching programs and resources in geography, math and eco sciences for our students and hold classes in HIV/AIDS prevention for the teens and adults in the community. We continue to build new classrooms and a pavilion for feeding children.

Our agriculture program is a success and presently growing life sustaining Moringa trees.

​B the Hope for Haiti is a family run organization working in the community of Ouanaminthe, in the NE of Haiti. We help to support six schools with over 800 students and their families.

Our goals are to provide aid in the areas of education, health, agriculture, and water treatment always focusing on sustainable projects that will empower the people. The schools begin at age 3 and are a place for the poorest families as well as orphans to access literacy, faith as well as a meal.  

We provide a basic medicine clinic offering relief from minor ailments and infections as the poorest families cannot normally access care in their community.
B the Hope for Haiti is dedicated to providing clean water by providing the "AR-5" water purification system. We are continually building to  help provide more classrooms, sanitary washroom facilities and higher learning opportunities. Plans are underway to purchase a new piece of land and begin construction of a new school.

Empowering the next generation for change

B the Hope for Haiti

Mission goals

We are a project of and under the supervision of registered Canadian Charity Empower Global.